SAVE THE DATE! Abbot ‘63 Mini Reunion – September 2015

Are you feeling the need to beat those mid-winter blahs? Maybe it’s only those of us in the frozen Northeast who are tired of the never-ending winter.

Wherever you are and however you’re feeling, you might want to think about putting something fun on your calendar for this coming September – something like another Abbot Class of ’63 mini-reunion perhaps?

Although it may not be the place to be right now, Iris Vardavoulis Beckwith insists that September is a glorious month in Maine with many wonderful things to do and see. She’s beginning the planning and looking forward to getting some help with that from another ‘Maineiac,’ Betsy Cadbury. Marie Fox Young has also volunteered her help.

If you’re interested in this mini reunion, mark your calendar now and let Iris know via email:

Abbot Class of 1963 Mini-Reunion
Owl’s Head, Maine
Wednesday through Saturday
September 16, 17, 18, 19, 2015

Once she hears from you about your interest, Iris will provide more details of what’s planned and a list of B & Bs and potential cottage rentals. Since high season extends well into October, it will be important to book places to stay as soon as possible.

Santa Fe was wonderful. Maine will be too. See you there!

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Happy 70th Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday Susan! Happy Birthday Mimi!

We’re so glad that you are leading us gracefully into our next decade. Please have a fabulous day and celebrate exuberantly.

We are the ones who remember you when…

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Rabbit Tales

Last month after receiving the letter about the Abbot Archives project initiated by AA’73, Mary Jasper Walter send out an email to members of  AA’63 asking classmates to share any Abbot memories they happened to have. Mary also provided copies of some Abbot rule sheets. [download General Rules and Student Congress Tea Dance]

“As I have read through these priceless pages, it occurs to me that some psychiatrist somewhere could have a field day interpreting both the content and the format of these documents. For example, how and who determined that the final lines of General Rules are:
No tape on walls
Observe rules of personal good taste
No going to off-bounds places Continue reading

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Santa Fe Mini-Reunion – Fabulous!

A small group of Abbot ’63 classmates gathered in Santa Fe the end of October for three days of sharing, talking, exploring and catching up. It was fabulous! Three days were not nearly enough. A big thank you goes to Anita Schenck Zednik for her suggestion to hold the mini-reunion in Santa Fe and for all the planning and preparation she did that made everything so wonderful for us all. Continue reading

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Meeting Don Gordon

When I learned from Phillips Andover that Don Gordon would be in town and there would be a luncheon for him on July 11, I almost considered going. I remember being impressed when he took over as principal of Abbot and made so many significant changes. After years of ignoring the school and barely reading the Bulletin, suddenly it felt as if Abbot had become an inspiring place. I found myself wishing I had been able to go the THAT school. So I have always wanted to meet Don Gordon.

In the end, I encouraged two of our classmates to go to the luncheon and report back. Both Lucinda Hannon and Nancy Sullivan sent back glowing reports about Don. It seems he was indeed a very inspiring individual.

See Nancy, Don and Lucinda in the Andover Magazine tweet.

Continue reading

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